Hello I'm Catherine from Cloudberry Flowers. I am passionate about growing scented seasonal flowers to make you smile. I grow and sell my flowers from my garden in the Scottish Borders. I can provide flowers from a jam jar arrangement or gift bouquet, to flowers for a wedding or event. I can also provide flowers for florists who would like to use British grown stems in their arrangements. My flowers are available throughout the growing season from April to October. 

My journey growing cut flowers started in January 2014. I was inspired by the television programme 'The Great British Garden Revival' which had an episode dedicated to cut flowers. I had always had a love of gardening and flowers and was fortunate to have grown up with lots of outdoor space in which to play and have my own small patches to grow in. As an adult I started out working in hospitals in Glouctesershire as a dietitian. My first home had a tiny patch of garden and with the arrival of my first daughter little space or time for growing. Years later I had relocated to Scotland, moved a few more times, had 3 daughters and finally settled in our forever home with an acre of land. That evening in January 2014 watching the television was my lightbulb moment. I knew I could turn my love of seasonal scented flowers into something tangible using this land I now had to work with.

In spring 2014 I started to dig my first beds, grow my first seeds and after many mishaps (rabbits, Scottish weather and slugs!) I finally had some flowers by late August. They lasted just a few weeks before the first frosts came. I made those first flowers into a few jar arrangements for friends, who gave me some great feedback. Their encouragement and now knowing that other people loved seasonal flowers gave me the confidence to go away research, read and plan over the winter. By early 2015 I was ready to start growing Cloudberry Flowers as a business, providing customers with the seasonal scented flowers I love so much.

Over the last 5 years I have expanded my growing area adding new beds each year. I continue to grow my favourite annuals from seed as well as trialling new varieties. I have a new product line all made from the flowers I grow, including my jewellery, pressed flower cards and biodegradable confetti. This year I will be providing flowers for local customers to order and buy from my garden gate stall. I will be growing and arranging flowers for weddings and growing flowers for local florists who would like to use British grown flowers in their work. I am really looking forward to a new season sharing my love for locally grown seasonal flowers that make you smile and fill your homes with fragrant beautiful country garden blooms.

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