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Creating something special from real flowers

I have enjoyed starting a new journey with my homegrown flowers, creating something special and everlasting from them. In 2019 I began to look at how I could preserve my flowers and make some special pieces of jewellery with them. I found resin to be an excellent medium to display the flowers in and paired with silver findings a special piece of jewellery could be created. Working with resin was a case of trial and error to begin with as I found different temperatures affected it and only some flowers worked well.

I love the opportunity to be creative and make something truly special. In 2020 I am looking forward to the spring and summer flowers blooming so I can try out the new ideas buzzing around my head! I gain inspiration all the time from the countryside around me and enjoy making new pieces. I currently sell my jewellery directly to customers but if you are interested in stocking my jewellery in your shop I would be delighted to hear from you. You can follow my jewellery journey on instagram at

My jewellery is available to purchase from my website https://www.cloudberryflowers and my Etsy shop You can also buy it locally from The Flower Bee in Innerleithen.

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