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My 14 year old daughter Kirsten was given a mandala kit at the start of lockdown in 2020 and during her summer holidays taught herself to paint beautiful painted stones. She started to sell them in a basket on my flower stall at home and has loved adding to her collection. You can follow her on her instagram site Ravenscraig Rocks.


Now she has created a fantastic set of 10 animal themed stones which come in their own hessian bag to play tic tac toe / noughts and crosses. This set contains 5 bumble bees and 5 ladybirds.


They make a fantastic long lasting gift. Each stone is varnished on both sides to ensure it is weatherproof and protected.


Each kit is handmade and stones will vary slightly in size and shape but are approximately 4cm. There are 10 in each bag, 2 sets of 5 to play the game with. The grid to play is marked on the hessian bag. The bag is 20cm x 15cm.

Bumble Bee and Ladybird Tic Toe Toe Set

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