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A beautiful handcrafted 8mm forget-me-not flower pendant on an 14” sterling silver chain. This size of chain and small pendant is a perfect size for a child but also suitable for an adult so please just get in touch if you would like a longer chain length.


All the flowers I use to make my pendants are grown by me in my garden in the Scottish Borders. The flower in this necklace is a forget-me-not which was flowering in my garden in April and May this year.


I cut the flowers from my garden and then press them. To make this pendant I used crystal clear resin, which I built up in layers in an 8mm sterling silver bezel encasing the flower within it. Each layer must cure for 24 hours before I could add the next one.

Childs Forget-Me-Not Resin Flower Pendant

  • Your pendant will come with a care card on the bottom of the jewellery box. It recommends keeping the pendant out of direct sunlight and in its box when you store it. This helps prevent fadimng of the flower or discolouring of the resin over time. It also recommends removing it when showering, swimming or putting on perfume or creams.