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Order a bucket of blooms to fill your home with the best of what beautiful flowers are blooming that week. Perfect for if you are having a party, event or wedding and want to arrange flowers yourself.


Every week the buckets of flowers will vary as the seasons move on and different flowers come into bloom. If you would like to know what is likely to be in bloom at the time you are ordering please get in touch. If you would like to order buckets in advance of a future event please get in touch via email for a bespoke order at 


Flower arranger buckets can be collected from Cloudberry Flowers or I can deliver them within  Peebles town for a small charge. 


Please give 48hrs notice between ordering and collecting your flower arranger bucket so flowers can be cut at the optimum time and conditioned for you.

Bucket of Seasonal Flowers

  • Flowers will come in your buckets freshly cut into water, condtioned and ready to arrange.


    When arranging make sure no foliage from the flowers is below the water line and recut the stems every few days for longer vase life.


    Change the water every 1-2 days to keep the flowers fresh and keep away from direct sunlight and the fruit bowl. 

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