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Wedding FAQ

Where in the country do you cover?

I am based in Peebles in the Scottish Borders and deliver flowers for weddings in Peebles and the surrounding area (within approx 20 miles).


For weddings further afield I offer a collection service from Cloudberry Flowers in Peebles. Previous couples have collected flowers to take to their weddings in locations such as Edinburgh, Oban, Perthshire and Fife.

My wedding is in a location outside the Scottish Borders. When can I collect my wedding flowers?

My flowers are cut fresh from the field into water, conditioned and arranged. I then can keep bouquets and buttonholes in water for collection. This ensures they remain fresh for travel and they can be removed shortly before the ceremony. Flowers can be collected 1-2 days before the wedding and kept cool until needed. I would not recommend ordering hair flowers or crowns unless you can collect these on the day of the wedding. They need to be made on the day to keep them looking their best.

Which months of the year can you provide wedding flowers?

I can provide wedding flowers from late April to early October each year during the growing season.

How far in advance should I book my wedding flowers?

Couples often book me 12-18 months in advance of their wedding. This is extremely helpful as it gives me a year to plan and start what I would like to grow for you. I would recommend booking early to avoid disappointment with dates booking up and to also enjoy having some input into the flowers I can grow for you.


I also get a number of bookings much closer to the wedding day. Bookings within a few months are feasible but the flowers for that year will already be growing and you need to have more flexibility on varieties and colours. This is perfect if you are looking for a natural colourful look with the best of what the garden has to offer at the time.

If you are having a very small wedding I could take a booking for this the month before. For example you just need 1 bouquet, a few buttonholes, a jar table arrangement and some confetti. Anything bigger and I would need more notice. 

What is different about your wedding flowers?

My wedding flowers are different because I grow them here in my garden in the Scottish Borders. They have not been mass produced, flown across the world and a few weeks old by the time they arrive in the UK. Instead my flowers are grown in my Scottish garden with a lot of love and dedication for you. Often I start growing your flowers a year before your big day and nurture them all the way through to cutting and conditioning them just 1-2 days before your wedding, making them extremely fresh.

As my flowers are not imported I can grow a wide variety of flowers which are delicate and scented which would never be imported but are extremely beautiful. This makes your flowers a real talking point as guests see some really unique varieties, textures and colours.

My flowers are very long lasting as they are cut straight from the flower patch 1-2 days before a wedding. Often they are given away at the end of the night as gifts to guests. I have had very positive feedback that they have enjoyed them for a couple of weeks after the wedding. 

Do you ever run out of flowers?

There will always be flowers growing for my weddings between April and October. Succession sowing and a lot of planning ensure a constant supply. However I am working with nature and every year the seasons and weather are very different. One year I may have tulips blooming in April due to a mild start to the spring and the following year it may be colder and they may not bloom until May. For this reason I cannot promise particular varieties and colours of flowers. If you have your heart set on something particular you may be better booking a florist who can import these flowers in from abroad for you. 

I will always use as many of my own homegrown flowers in my wedding work as I can, but at times due to the size of the wedding or the unexpected weather I may buy in from other British growers. These flowers will all have been grown within the UK and complement what I have in bloom. I try as hard as I can to make all bridal party flowers using my own homegrown blooms. 

Can you decorate my venue and church?

I can arrange bridal party flowers and jar table arrangements. I do not arrange church flowers or large venue installations such as flower arches, balls and hoops. If you are keen to have these I can provide DIY buckets of flowers for you to decorate your venue with family or friends or I can recommend some local florists who will maybe be a better fit for you. Some of my local florists will use my flowers in their work if you would still like locally grown blooms.

Can we request specific varieties of flowers or colours?

I cannot promise specific varieties and colours of flowers. I will work with you to get a good understanding of a colour scheme, theme and favourite flowers you have. I will then do my very best to work with your ideas with the flowers I have available to me at the time. Although a specific shade and variety of flower is not possible what you will get are some beautiful, unique, natural, country garden style flowers.  

When will we pay and how do I book?

To enquire about wedding flowers please fill in one of the contact forms on my website or email

To go ahead with a booking I ask for a £50 non refundable booking fee which secures your date. This is then taken off your final balance which is due 2 weeks before your wedding.

Payment is by BACS

Can I make changes to my order?

When you first book your wedding flowers it is often quite far in advance of your wedding. You may not know table numbers, who needs a buttonhole or if the mums want a corsage. We build up an initial order and quote which can be amended as we go along. Letting me know of changes to your order as soon as you know is much appreciated.Small changes can be made up until 6 weeks before the wedding date.

Do you have a minimum spend for weddings or a price guide?

When you email to ask for more information about flowers for your wedding I will send out a price guide to you. I will also make up a no obligation quote based on what you would like to order.

There is no minimum spend for my wedding flowers.

As an example 1 hand tied bridal bouquet, 1 bridesmaids bouquet, 3 buttonholes and 10 jar table arrangements would be in the region of £400 in 2020. 

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