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April 2023

Thank you so much to all my subscribers on my YouTube channel. You have helped me reach over 5000 subscribers in my second year. It is fantastic to have you watching along with me as I start a new growing season!

I have learned so much since I started Cloudberry Flowers 9 years ago. Back in 2014 I had no horticulture knowledge, just an enthusiasm for the outdoors and a love of gardens from my childhood. Through a lot of trial and error, reading books, trawling the internet and speaking to other growers I have found what works for me as a flower grower in the Scottish Borders. Even now though I am still learning and just this week have had my sweet peas and hesperis nibbled by something! I wanted to be able to share with you what I have learned growing flowers and pass on any gardening tips so I created my YouTube channel with regular videos throughout the growing season. I hope you enjoy them and would love it if you would like to subscribe to my channel and keep up to date with what is happening at Cloudberry Flowers!

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