Cloudberry Jewellery

Inspired by nature I have created a range of jewellery which combines my love of my garden and flowers with my love of our Scottish coastline and beaches.

Flower Jewellery

Five years ago I started growing cut flowers in our garden for local customers, brides and florists. It has become a real passion of mine to provide these natural, wild, eco friendly and beautiful flowers to people. Now I have created a collection of jewellery made with my flowers to provide a lasting keepsake of the garden no matter what time of year it is. I grow and handpick all the flowers I use to create my resin pendants, earrings and brooches. These are then dried and embedded in layers of resin to create special and unique pieces of jewellery. My garden in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles comes alive in the growing season full of cut flowers I have grown from seed. Wildlife is encouraged and the bee and butterfly population has 

increased every year with the number of flowers now in the garden.

Shell Jewellery

I have always loved the Scottish coastline and I am never happier than when I am at the beach, whether that be for a windswept family walk in the winter or swimming in the sea in the summer. As a child I spent many family holidays on the Orkney Islands and always collected shells with my mum and granny. This has continued with my daughters today and we have many favourite beaches for walks including Orkney, Arran, The Outer Hebrides, Skye, St Andrews, Gullane and North Berwick. I have loved being able to make these special items of jewellery making lasting memories of special Scottish places. 

Resin Care

Resin jewellery is beautiful and long-lasting. However there are some things you can do to keep it looking its best. Below are my tips on how to look after your resin jewellery.
Resin is water resistant not waterproof so it is recommended to remove it before showering, bathing or swimming.
Wait until your perfume, hairspray or lotions have dried before putting on your jewellery. Over time the surface of the resin could be affected if it came into repeated exposure to these.
Your resin jewellery is best stored in its box away from direct sunlight. This will prevent any yellowing of the resin or fading of the flowers if exposed to prolonged sunlight over a period of time.
Be careful with sharp objects as they could scratch the surface of the resin.
If you did leave your jewellery out, accidentally in direct sunlight and heat you may find it feels softer. Your piece will harden up again when it cools.
You can clean your jewellery with mild soap and warm water and dried and polished with a soft cloth.
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