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Christmas Pot Pourri
Cloudberry Flowers Seed Jars
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all available to buy online and have posted to you.
Last posting date for Christmas will be Monday 16th December
You can also order online and collect for free from Cloudberry flowers. Just choose this option at the checkout. 
More about Cloudberry Flowers Products

Biodegradable Confetti

The confetti made at Cloudberry Flowers is natural, colourful, eco friendly and biodegradable.
It is made from flowers grown from seed each year in the garden. The flowers are cut when looking their best and fully in flower, The petals are then separated and naturally dried before being stored in air tight kilner jars.
If stored in a dark dry cupboard in an airtight container the confetti can last indefinitely and can therefore be bought in advance of your wedding or event. Many couples still have some left over confetti as a souvenir of their wedding day!
Cloudberry flowers confetti comes in:
1 litre bags (enough for 10+ handfuls)
small pillow Kraft boxes (enough for 1-2 handfuls)
square Kraft boxes (enough for 3-4 handfuls)
Confetti is available direct to order or via my Etsy shop and can be mailed throughout the UK.

Pressed Flower Cards

At Cloudberry Flowers we make pressed flower cards using flowers and foliage grown in the garden. Flowers are cut when fully in bloom and perfectly formed. They are then pressed and used in different combinations to make unique cards which can be a gift in themselves for someones special day.
Available from the garden gate stall in the spring and summer months, by direct order any month of the year or via my Etsy shop.