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An Everlasting Gift Of Flowers

Last year I started to think about how I could create something everlasting from the flowers that I grow in my garden in the Scottish Borders. Flowers make you smile and feel happy but an arrangement will only last 1-2 weeks. By pressing and drying my flowers I found I could preserve them and create items of jewellery that were unique and which you could enjoy all year round.

I use resin in my pieces which I can colour to create many different effects to complement the flowers. I display the pendants on a sterling silver chain and with a nice gift box they become a unique and special gift for someone.

Every season I try new flowers from the garden to press and experiment with different colour combinations and shapes of frames to make the jewellery in. It has been exciting to be creative and work with my flowers in a different way. I hope you enjoy browsing through my jewellery shop.

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