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Devastation in the flower patch

One nights wind was all it took to wreak havoc in the flower patch. I thought I had hardened myself to the knocks the weather can bring to flower farming but I was devastated when I went out this morning to this:

The damage overnight was a flattened bed of tulips and the loss of 2 tunnels. A few other plants and hyacinths were crushed too. After months of hard work it is very hard to see your tulips end up like this:

Just sometimes like the last couple of weeks with beds of plants ruined by rabbits, slugs and wind I do question what I am doing. Should I go back to being a dietitian a couple of days a week or should I pick myself up and battle on? I love what I do, growing flowers is hugely rewarding and I love to see the happiness homegrown flowers brings to others. I can do nothing about what nature throws at us but I can work hard and I can be resilient. I choose flower farming and know as I build on what I have started more and more the small losses due to nature will be easier to take. Gardens can be surprisingly resilient too and it will be nice to watch it bounce back in the coming days.

Now after an hour zooming around the plot it is put back together. I tell myself I did not lose all my spring flowers and I have some beautiful jars and daffodils to go out on the stall today. It is still my dream job….

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