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A new year a new beginning

With the school holidays over and back to normality this week my thoughts are turning to the year ahead and seeds! I was excited to receive mine from Seedaholic this week and was really impressed with the information sheets they gave out with each packet.

This week also meant the dreaded clothes shopping expedition with my husband and our 3 girls. With holes in a lot of clothes we had to bite the bullet and go. Not our favourite way to spend the weekend! On the up side it also included a trip to the garden centre to buy compost! Whilst there my husband disappeared and came back having found a bargain pile of planters. So what should have been a trip for my husbands new work shirts ended up being a juggling job to fit a whole boot full of wood in the car!

I have read about heated propagating benches using soil warming cables and now having our new planting benches we have the opportunity to try this out. My husband is looking forward to a new DIY job and I am excited to see over the next couple of months if it brings on my seeds a lot faster. Without a heated greenhouse and with the Scottish weather being cool and lacking sunshine at this time of year it should give the seeds the boost they need to germinate and grow….

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